How Do You Prepare Your Kids For Entrepreneurship? Teach Them These 5 Lessons

It’s hard for me to say if I would be the entrepreneur I am today, had I not tried my hand at selling cookies door to door when I was 4 years old, or held the responsibility of running the neighborhood paper route.

In fact, my first real entrepreneurial invention was a pencil holder made out of orange juice concentrate cans. I glued plywood to the cans that my uncle cut up for me, pasted Popsicle sticks on them, painted them, and went selling them door to door. I even took custom orders: for an extra 20 cents, I’d put your Polaroid picture on it.  

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Entrepreneurship Means Confronting These 3 Crucial Truths About Yourself And Your Business

Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur.

The reason is because entrepreneurship inherently requires a certain level of self-awareness. A lot more goes into building a business than just “doing it.” You actually have to be extremely thoughtful about what you’re building, how you’re going to build it, and most importantly, what type of leader you need to be in order to see your vision through.

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Introducing All In: 101 Real Life Business Lessons for Emerging Entrepreneurs

I know people like you. You’ve got “that look” in your eye.

It’s a look of fierce determination. While all your friends are out having brunch, playing Pokémon GO, or doing yoga in their spare time, here you are reading a business book—and not just any book. You’re reading my book because you’ve got dreams. Big ones. You’re not just sitting around waiting for life to happen. You want to make things happen. Continue reading