8 Habits That Will Save You Hours Each Week — and They Only Take Minutes

Over the course of my career, I’ve started six businesses from scratch–and three simultaneously.

Today, I am the founder of a private real estate lender called LendingOne, running the company as its CEO. In addition, through my private equity firm called Crestar Partners, I’ve invested in three companies in the past 100 days–and am on the board of two of them. I also have two more in the pipeline to potentially close in the next 60-90 days.

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3 Morning Habits That Will Make You A More Effective Entrepreneur

Everyone knows the incredible feeling of waking up early and getting a jump start on the day.

It might be difficult to get yourself out of bed, but as soon as you’re up, and you start to get going, you realize just how much you can get done before everyone else is awake. There’s something motivating about knowing that by the time the rest of the world is racing to work, you’ve already gone to the gym, or read the morning paper, or cranked through your inbox and are at the office with a cup of coffee.

Especially if you’re an entrepreneur, your morning routine will dictate a large amount of your success. This is a big theme of mine in my book, All In. Entrepreneurship is all about routine, discipline, and consistency—and if you can practice those habits on a regular basis, morning after morning, you’re far more likely to be successful over the long term.

I’ve spent my entire business career honing my own morning routine. And here are the 3 habits I’ve found that have made me a much more effective entrepreneur.

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